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We offer these solutions for metallurgical waste

We have developer and tested on an industrial scale the technology for processing dusts with increased zinc and lead content

  • Metallization 92 %
  • De Zn 97 %
  • De Pb 95 %

We developer technology, we sold a patent and we also made a basic design of line for oily scale processing

  • 0,8 t/h
  • Process gases compression and their growth

We designed and built a pilot plant for desalination of dust from agglomeration with fractional crystallization

  • 97 % KCl
  • 95 % NaCl
  • Desalination 95 %
  • Precipitation of zinc and lead

We have developed and patented technology to use slags from secondary metallurgy in the sintering process.
The technology reduces coke consumption, the amount of underlay material and uses fine-grained slag.
We also addressed the use of these slags for construction.

We have developed and delivered equipment for processing of dust from TŽ agglomeration (sinter) plant

Design and delivery of new discharging unit for processing of dust from TŽ agglomeration plant