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Machine and equipment

1) Autonomous guided vehicles for transporting 4,0 t

Manipulation robot with following characteristics:

Total mass 4500 kg
Maximal load 4000 kg
Acceleration 0,5 m/s2
Maximal speed 1,0 m/s
Movement control based on calculation and magnetic strip
Dimension 3120 x 1900 x 320 mm
Suspension system to compensate surface unevenness
Motor Dunken motoren BG 95 CO (2 x 1100 W peak 2 x 2700 W)
Hydraulics lift up – Lifting 100 mm/4000 kg (3000 W)
Lead–acid battery 4 x 12 V 105 Ah
Control system Simatic S7 1200 DC/DC/RLY 6ES7 214-1HE30-0XB0

2) Hydrogen compressor for syngas

Compressor with following characteristics:

Dirty syngas
Gas inlet: 25 m3 / h
Maximum pressure 7 bar
Inlet pressure: -10 to 10 kPa
Maximum output pressure: min 8 bar
Temperature: up to 50 ° C
Voltage: 500 V/50Hz, control voltage 24 V, IP 54
Compressor control: frequency converter
EX version
Category 1G
In explosive class IIC
Zone 1, temperature class T6

3) Furnace reconstruction

Air tight electric furnace:

300 kW top heating
100 kW bottom heating
Maximal over pressure 2 kPa
Hydrailic lifting system
Mechanical mixing

4) Furnace for pilot plant

Air tight electric furnace:

2 kW top heating
15 kW bottom heating
Maximal over pressure 1 kPa
Mechanical mixing