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Light technologies

Light development for special application
In 2019 we integrated firm Lightvortex®

Phototherapy for neonatology

It treats jaundice (hyperbilirubinaemia) in premature and newborn babies

Development and production of electronics and radiators (200 pieces)

According to standard ČSN EN 60601-2-50-ed2

Wave lenght   470 nm
Area   200 x 500 mm
Maximal intensity   125 μW/cm2/nm

Phototherapy for general medicine

Useable in the treatment of children and adults

Phototherapy is a natural, safe and non-burdensome method that brings a quick effect in the treatment of acute and chronic problems.
Phototherapy shows the high effectiveness of laser therapy and at the same time the advantages of biolamps.
Phototherapy brings completely new possibilities in non-invasive, economical treatment and prevention of a number of acute and chronic diseases.
It has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect.
Phototherapy is a highly effective method used in almost all areas of modern medicine. It shows great effectiveness especially in the treatment of inflammatory and painful conditions, in postoperative care and wound healing.

Supports Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production, ATP supports the reproduction, proliferation of collagen fibers.

Development and production of electronics (13 000 pieces)

Lights for Digital Agriculture – Smart Lighting

SMART GROW lighting system

LIGHT 300 is equipped with eight channel control, which allows continuous adjustment of the spectral composition and intensity of the radiated spectrum. The number of individual LEDs is the result of the cooperation of experts in the biophysics of photosynthesis, photonics and smart technology. The system provides the user with the ability to mix the desired composition of the radiated spectrum so as to activate specific plant photoreceptors and associated signaling pathways regulating plant growth and development.

Tests of Smart Lighting

UVA 360 nm, Deep Blue 450 nm, Blue 460 nm, Blue 470 nm, Red 634 nm, Hyper Red 660 nm, Far Red 735 nm, Street White 5700K